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Learning the password Recovery ,change and reset password method for Gmail. Most people still regard the Gmail password change method as the one for resetting. But both are different. Resetting is done when you have lost the password. Let's find out the different here.

About Gmail password change

For changing the password, the user needs to be able to login to the account and without that, it would be hard to change the password. Actually, the entire process of password changing means that you can still login to your account and use the account password changing option to do so. This is also called updating the password.

Reset Gmail Password with Security Question ?

The process of Gmail password change when you don't have the login access anymore is called the password recovery or the reset option.

For this, the process of Gmail password reset is used and the security settings are put to use. If you remember, during the sign up process or after that, you must've mentioned your phone number for recover or backup purpose. Now, that little piece of information is going to help you get your account back. If you use the recovery-reset option, it means that you will be required to verify. In absence of the recovery-verification, your account access (the password) will not be recovered. Verification is the essential key to resetting your password.

The process of Gmail password recovery

It is short, concise, to the point and very simple. If you have never use the method before, you are advised to just follow the directions and instructions and then you will be able to make it through the process quite easily. If you are confused that you may not have updated security settings then you should just contact the Gmail tech support team right away because without any updated information on security, verification is impossible.

Assuming that you have right updates on security settings, opening the need help button on the sign in page will get you to the password recovery page. There, you can give your account information and choose the verification option as per your choice.

You can further get the entire process outsourced and fixed by a professional through third party Gmail professional service.

You can procure services for other mail platforms also, such as Yahoo, Hotmail, and Comcast to enjoy the best working state.

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